Near Death Experience and Predictions

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Prophetic Visions

When I tried to describe the visions behind the headlines – my friends said it sounded like I was trying to describe Saturn.

A mysterious ring of light will circle the globe of the planet earth and give it the same appearnce from space
simular to that of Saturn.

I told my friends in 1981 that a ring of light is going to circle the entire globe of earth and cause a sensation that ripples through the whole world. It is going to be at an angle at first. (It isn’t going to be around the equator.) It is slowly going to move across the horizon and flip a 180 degree angle so that at any given point on the entire planet – it is going to be visible passing overhead in the sky.

When it first appears – it is going make a cracking noise like a sonic blast. Then it is going to have an appearance of a ‘comet chasing’ its tail. It is going to have a ’start’ section and an ‘end’ section. It is going to be rotating so fast and spinning that it looks like one continuous flow of light.

If your standing at any given point on the planet you will see it disappear on one horizon and it will automatically appear on the other horizon because of the way it is spinning around the globe.

Animals will be 'singing' in harmony together

What ever ’supersonic’ vibration it sends out in the aftermath of it’s genesis is going to have some sort of high pitched frequency that the animals all across the globe and in the animal kingdom is going to hear – because they are all going to start singing in harmony to a tune… like a song. It is going to be as if the light is the conductor of a symphony and all the animals are the instruments. It is going to happen simultaneously all around the globe. The animals on the eastern side of the globe will be in perfect tune and harmony with the animals on the western side of the globe at the very same time. If your in the city – then every cat and dog will be howling or meowing in tune with one another. If your in the country then all the livestock is going to be mooing, cackling or making barnyard noises to the same song.

My friend were trying to figure out what sort of thing could or would cause it. There minds were always trying to think the worst and they suggested either a nuclear fallout or a meteorite that gets caught up in the earths gravity pull. They were thinking some sort of disaster or calamity.

I had access to a three dimensional visionary projection. It is hard to put into words two of the dimensions because they are spiritual in nature so I relied on visions of ‘news programs.’ I tuned into one program I had access to because it was different than the news channels. It was like home movies on a public channel. Two of my friends were asking questions while I was in a trance like state and the questions go their wires crossed. I told them it was a “youtube.’

One friend thought I was still talking about the ring of light and trying to describe as an ‘inner tube.’

I was being shown home movies of the event on something I described as a TV screen within a TV screen. It was different from the news channels because it was just regular people. I called it the Youtube Broadcast Channel or YBC thing. I liked tuning into that vision because the people seemed to be happy and having a holiday. They would be filming their pets singing and dancing to a tune they all seemed familiar with and many were singing along.

I saw the faces of regular people celebrating and excited about it. At one point when I was in the trance state – I was trying to repeat what I was hearing on the YBC thing. For me – it was sort of like looking through a veiled fog. I had to fine tune it and I was in two realities at one time. I was in the past (1981) and trying to merge my mind into a point in the future (2010) in an effort to tap into “future memory.” What ever I was tapping into in 1981 was things I was going to be seeing in the future of my own personal body and mind. It was hard to keep my sight on the current event of the ‘ring of light’ because this YBC thing was all over the place in my future memory. For my 1981 mind – it was totally fascinating to see a TV channel that had so much vareity.

My friends wanted me to focus on the ‘ring of light’ and the aftermath. I told him that it must have brought them some form of enlighenment. Everyone was shouting out Nirvana. It was 1981 and one friend specualted that the Buddahist had taken over the world. He was telling me to look for the American channels to see what the Americans were saying. The people looked American to me and were all speaking English and shouting out something about Nirvana. I finally concluded that the song had something to do with Nirvana more than the ‘ring of light.’

My friends were encouraging me to find headlines after the ring of light appeared. I wasn’t in control of how the headlines appeared to me in 1981, but one kept popping up.

Something about a man who was accused of self-murder was cleared of the charge. Headline: Nirvana Frontman Legacy Exonerated.

Of course – in 1981, my friends and I had no idea what that cyrptic message meant. It was more of a puzzle than any type of divine revelation or prophetic vision.

What I told my friends in 1981 that the light was – was called a Signum in ancient language. The second class of visions always came with a poetic riddle attached to it and that is where the word ’signum’ kept popping up.

A “Sign from heaven.”

So that is the two predictions for 2010 I felt I recieved from Spirit back in 1978 to 1981. A sign from heaven will appear and eventually a dead man’s name would be cleared and his legacy restored.

I have no doubt these two thing are about to pass because of my past experiences – but realize the average mind might find them hard to believe.

Just keep your eye on the sky and on YouTube.


NDE Predictions

Prophetic Visions

  • A mysterious spiral of light will appear to circle the planet earth giving it the appearnce as a ring of light surrounding Saturn.

  • The mysterious 'spiral of light' will have a dramatic impact on the 'animal kingdom.' All the animals of the planet will start 'singing' in harmony to the same melody. From one end of the globe to the other end - all animals will be effected and they will be howling, cackling, barking, meowing, mooing, whinning, in harmony to the same melody.

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