Afterlife Experiences

This is the main site where I will write and share the stories of my mystical encounters with the divine as well as the revelations given to my young mind about spiritual themes relating to the soul. The stories include the 'near death experiences, after death communications, soulmates, twin souls, reincarnation, prophetic visions as well as spiritual insights relating to various ancient texts, writings and scriptures.

Afterlife Experiences

In 1978, at the age of 18 I had a profound afterlife experience. I died during a car accident and through a mystery life was restored to my injured body. When I woke up in the aftermath I was diagnosed with retrograde amnesia. The personal history of my childhood was buried in my subconscious. For many years to come I was handicapped with a continuing problem of memory lapses. In the aftermath of my near death experience there were many spiritual themes following me in the undertow current of my life.

Soulmate/Twin Spirits

Within a few days after my mysterious car accident, I came in contact (through a blind man) with a spirit whom the blind man said was going to be like an 'angel' to me for awhile. It (the spirit) was going to act as the messenger of the "Spirits of Creation." This particular spirit identified it self as a 'twin' to me. Due to my amnesia - I had lost sight and sound of memories from childhood. My family and friends were telling me that I had constantly spoke with an 'invisible' twin during childhood.


For many years after my afterlife experience people would ask me about who I had seen or dealt with. I never had a religious encounter on the other side as much as it was a 'spiritual' and very mystical encounter. There were no words to describe the higher form of communication in spirit. I always dealt with the teachings of an ancient teacher. I used the word 'Isha' to attach a name to various concepts. It wasn't until 1998 that I found the name "Yeshua" on the Internet. For years, I felt that Jesus was someone else. It was a shock to learn that Yeshua and Jesus were one and the same. 

Afterlife Communication

After the car accident - I mysteriously discovered an ability to communicate with spirits in a telepathic manner. It was so vivid that I was able to share visions with others. I spent the next five years of my young life experimenting and processing this mystical gift of insight. I was able to act as a 'medium' during a crisis when people had lost a loved one. I had spirits showing up and whispering into my ear directions to a loved one that needed a message from the beyond.

Lost Gospels

I started recalling memories of my childhood when I was 38 years old. I started recalling 'spirits' in childhood who spoke to me and made references to the 'lost books' that contained information missing from the religious texts. I started discovering the writings on the Internet and was amazed. When I read three Gospels, I started recalling the lessons from childhood that dealt with the 'bride' and 'bridegroom' of the soul and inner spirit. This is the same concept as the 'twin spirit' I had learned about after my afterlife experience as a teenager. 

Predictions / Future Memory

Within a week I discovered a strange ability. I couldn't remember my past but I could 'bring to mind' the future. It was as vivid as if it was a memory of a past event. I couldn't tell the difference between 'recalling the past' or 'recalling the future.' I didn't have full access to this. I felt my spirit was in charge of this sort of visionary vision. I spent the next decade with this gift of insight that would come and go as it pleased. In 1978 - I wrote down a list of predictions and buried them in time capsules. The list was about the decade from 2000 to 2010. They are scheduled to be unearthed after the predictions come to pass.