Mystical: Soul

This is the main site where I will write and share the stories of my mystical encounters with the divine as well as the revelations given to my young mind about spiritual themes relating to the soul. The stories include the 'near death experiences, after death communications, soulmates, twin souls, reincarnation, prophetic visions as well as spiritual insights relating to various ancient texts, writings and scriptures.

Near Death Experiences

sample imageMy first NDE was in childhood due to a medical condition.  I was constantly in and out of the physical body due to the medical condition.  I had another experience at the age of 18 and developed amnesia .  Mysteries followed me after that trip to the other side.  Near Death Experiences


SoulmatesMy reference to a soul-mate is as an old soul who encounters souls with a previous history together. My first recall of a past life with others was my parents.  My first encounter with someone who could recall as I recalled was in 6th grade.  I came to call this 'old friends from heaven.'  Soulmates

Twin Spirit

Twin SpiritsI started talking about a 'twin' as soon as I could start to talk - according to my Mother. The theme of a twin spirit was the main theme through all my childhood as well as adult NDE's.  I crossed paths with the 'twin' hidden in a physical body in 1977.  In 1978, my twin died and during my NDE we were reunited again.  Twin Spirit

After-death Communication

sample imageMy first ADC was in childhood.  I had contact with a Great-Grandfather who passed away.  This 'gift' followed me through my life where I would have contact with spirits that had departed the world. Strangers would approach me asking me to be a medium for the sake of their loved ones.
Afterlife Communications


sample imageMy first recall of a past life was in childhood at the age of three.  In later years, my perception of the concept changed as I grew into the world.  After my amnesia, my adult mind started over again. The theme was a mystery which followed me. Mystical encounters and revelations over the years.

Prophetic Visions

Future InsightsI started 'seeing' the future when I was a child. I would constantly talk about the future as if it had passed.  In the NDE - there is no such thing as past, present or future. Time doesn't exist on the other side and I had many revelations given about future insights.  At the age of 18, I wrote down and buried future predictions.  Future Memory